We are a small, friendly group of flyball and agility fans, located in Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire.

Our aim is to provide fun flyball and agility training for both the dog and owner alike.

We do ensure that you get good sound advice and that up to date training techniques are given to you.

And although the emphasis is on fun flyball and agility, some of our members do compete with their dogs.


Our Agility training begins with simple easy to follow exercises.

Both you and your dog will learn to work together as a team, learning how to negotiate courses in the fastest possible time, incurring as little faults as possible.

While it sometimes goes wrong, the pleasure you get when it all comes together is very rewarding indeed.

Dogs that have not fully gown are welcome to attend our foundation training sessions to learn direction commands and obstacle discrimination. Equipment will be set very low and may have poles laid on the floor.  

This is primarily to prevent any damage to growing bones which could lead to detrimental health issues later in the dogs life.

Since its introduction, flyball has become very popular, and teams from all over the country compete together most weekends.

Flyball is a team sport for dogs, with a team consisting of 4 dogs

hurdles are set out to standard flyball regulations. (BFA) from the starting gates. The ball is released from the box using a spring mechanism when the dog hits the box with its feet.

While Flyball clubs can take competitions very serious they can be great fun and these all day events are often have a good social side...this is just a broad outline of flyball, if you are interested in trying out fly ball with your dog why not come along to one of our Saturday afternoon practice sessions and have a go yourself.


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